We work in partnership with individuals, communities, organisations and the government to create lasting solutions to the challenges faced by the poor and marginalized communities in Bangladesh.

About us

Over the last 15 years, Friendship has grown from being a distant dream to an organisation delivering vital services to 4.2 million people in the most marginalized communities of Bangladesh. Our work wouldn’t be possible if not for the 1,600 people dedicated to helping those in need.

Also crucial to our organisation is Friendship International. Formed over the years by a passionate group of people from Luxembourg, France, the UK and the Netherlands, Friendship International helps us foster partnerships, mobilise funds, gain expertise and raise awareness of our unique methodologies. More than partners, this group believes in the core values, ethics and work of Friendship. Together we are building a solid organisation that makes real changes to communities outside the economic mainstream, whilst retaining the dignity of the people who live within them.

Some of our projects

Children after having been treated in our Hospital Ships (Bangladesh)
Students at one of the 7 Friendship ICT-aided scondary schools


Educating the Unreachable

In the hard-to-reach river islands in northern Bangladesh, lack of access, roads and electricity create a situation in which educational institutions are extremely difficult to run. Schools are difficult to set up and it is hardly possible to find and maintain teachers in these areas. The challenge is therefore to bypass the geographical isolation and lack of qualified teachers by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and out-of-the-box thinking that yield real results.

Stories brought to you from the field

“Our experience in the field has shown that gaining the trust of the communities in which we operate is a key component of success. Trust can only be built up over time by providing consistent and reliable quality services and earning the respect of the people we work for. Friendship doesn’t work through short-term projects, but ensures its commitment to the communities on a long term basis.”

Runa Khan, Founder and Executive Director of Friendship Bangladesh


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Members of the Board of Trustee

Friendship NGO Bangladesh team

Our sponsors and partners

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of our sponsors and partners.

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