Educating girls, boys and adults in some of Bangladesh’s poorest and most remote areas.


Friendship is proud to have successfully built and established 78 self-sufficient schools where previously there were no government schools in remote areas of Bangladesh. This has given children (and adults) in marginalised communities the chance to enjoy their basic right to education.

What’s more is these schools were created specifically to be easily dismantled and relocated in the event of a natural disaster allowing children to continue their schooling. We also use innovative solutions, including solar panels to generate electricity…read more

We’re proud to have establish 78 schools in remote communities where previously there were no government schools.

How we help

Child Education - Children at a Friendship NGO School

Primary education

We give the children in remote areas of Bangladesh the chance to enjoy their basic right to education.

Child Education - Young girl attends a Friendship NGO School in Bangladesh

Secondary education

Students often drop out of school early to be used as child labour. Friendship seeks to remedy this.

Adult Education - Adults attend literacy class at a Friendship NGO School in Bangladesh

Adult education

We offer adults a second chance at education ensuring students can read and write by the end of the program.

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Strengthening the community

Community involvement is essential to the success of Friendship’s Education program. We train people within the community to teach in and manage the schools, creating jobs and helping build economic independence. Villagers see the school as an asset for which they are responsible and are proud to be closely involved with. The curriculum’s strong ethical focus teaches children to recognize honesty, integrity and transparency from an early age, enabling them to promote these values within the community.

Training Teachers

Our teachers are recruited from within the community. They undergo a basic training of 42 days during which they are taught to develop monthly lesson plans, participate in exercises to improve teaching skills and report back to supervisors on their progress.

School Management Committees

School Management Committees consist of 11 members selected from within the community to ensure the successful running of the school. They manage and protect the school equipment, work towards reducing drop-out rates, contribute towards school maintenance and discuss potential improvements with local government officials and other agencies.

Educate one child – help the whole family

Resources are often limited but Friendship strives to ensure that at least one child per family attends school and benefits from primary education. That child then shares the knowledge acquired at school with siblings and other family members who are unable to attend.

Some of our projects

Listen 2 Learn

Listen to Learn (L2L) is a project designed to help children improve their English, using material recorded by English-speakers and accessed using cost-efficient mobile-phone based technology.

Code of Ethics

To increase awareness of rights and moral responsibilities, we incorporate a “Code of Ethics” section into our curriculum. Every month, teachers discuss a theme such as “Honesty” with students and help them relate these to experiences in their daily life.

Clean School,Clean Home

We teach children about hygiene and the environment. The “Clean School, Clean Home” initiative motivates children to keep classrooms and playgrounds clean and to respect the environment (an approach we encourage students to continue at home).

“The poor cannot afford poor solutions”

Runa Khan (founder of Friendship)

Vital statistics

children & adult learners benefitted from Friendship’s Education Programme in 118 communities


children attend Friendship primary schools in 79 communities

adolescents and adults completed literacy classes in 73 Learning Centres

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