We give the poor and marginalized a voice to claim their legal and economic rights.



Remote char communities are often ostracised, vulnerable and powerless. Unlike citizens of mainland Bangladesh, chars dwellers don’t receive the public services available to them. They’re often simply unable to access public institutions from their highly remote islands. In addition, these communities have little knowledge of national institutions, and are unaware of their rights or how to gain access to public services. Friendship ensures these marginalised people are made aware of their rights. We give them a voice to claim their legal and economic rights and put them in contact with the government officials who can deliver them.

How we work

Informing women of their basic rights (Bangladesh)

Helping citizens understand their rights and obligations

We help the poor in marginalised communities understand their rights and obligations.

Accessing public services and obtaining their basic rights (Bangladesh)

Accessing public services and obtaining their rights

We help people in remote communities gain access to public services and obtain their rights.

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Making underprivileged citizens aware of their rights and offering them access to legal services

Friendship has issued a report “The Status of Knowledge of Legal Rights, Government Structure and Education” following extensive field research over the years in Bangladesh’s Chars. Our Inclusive Citizenship Program endeavours to make citizens aware of their rights and offer them access to justice and legal services.
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Some key statistics

people benefit from our Inclusive Citizenship awareness programme each year

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