Improving the economic conditions of marginalised communities.



The char dwellers often have no readily available sources of income. Friendship provides skills, training and job opportunities to vulnerable women. We also advise farmers and fishermen on how to improve their production and yields and provide them with loans to buy equipment. See some of our key projects below.

Weaving, tailoring and embroidery centres

We train women to weave, dye and print fabrics. This gives them a set of skills enabling them to find employment and gain economic independence.

Agricultural project

Friendship advises farmers on how to develop their skills, improve production yields, and overall financial sustainability.

Rural Electrification project

We provide electricity to the ultra-poor in remote rural areas through low-cost micro-solar systems.

Fishermen’s project

Friendship takes pride in assisting fishermen to achieve a sustainable livelihood and rise above the poverty line.

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How we help

We offer technical assistance and advice

Sometimes all it takes to rise above the poverty line is some basic technical advice and training. We go out into the community and offer farmers, fishermen and other community members assistance on topics including irrigation, crop diversity, transport, technology and other practices that help achieve better yields and generate more income. We also help them explore ways of improving their access to markets (for example by the use of mobile phones and better means of transport).

We offer financial advice and services

We offer financial services, products (savings, loans and insurance) and advice to labourers, in particular to farmers and fishermen. At times climatic conditions in the char areas can make life precarious. Our financial plans can help these community members save their livelihoods by gaining access to money when they need it the most, enabling them to purchase seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, boats, nets and other equipment. We also connect members with local development officers and other government personnel to secure access to available subsidies.

We offer vocational training opportunities

We provide vocational training for the poor. For example, vulnerable women are offered training in weaving, dyeing and printing on fabrics giving them key skills to enable them to create income for themselves. After completion of the training, the trainees either work in our production centers, seek employment elsewhere or start work independently from home.

“The poor cannot afford poor solutions”

Runa Khan (founder of Friendship)

Some key statistics

people benefit directly from the agricultural project

people benefit directly from the fishermen’s project

solar home systems were transferred to beneficiaries upon completion of their lease payments

Meet some of the people we have helped